Land Identity

Property Owner Info & Boundaries Nationwide

Explore in-depth land and parcel information and enhance your map creation with our extensive property info, map overlays and land identity™.

Land Id

Land Owner & Property Boundaries Nationwide

Land id™ offers a powerful tool for real estate professionals, landowners, and anyone interested in understanding property boundaries and land ownership across the United States. With Land id, you can gain valuable insights into properties and make informed decisions about land use and ownership.

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Discover Property

Extensive Private & Public Parcel Data Nationwide

Discover the power of comprehensive parcel data. Easily access information about property ownership and boundaries to gain a better understanding of the land.

Detailed Parcel Data Including Owner, Assessment, Building Info & More

Access to accurate and comprehensive land information is crucial for making informed real estate decisions, and Land id™ provides the ultimate competitive edge in the market. Stay ahead of the game with the most up-to-date and comprehensive land data available.

Get Waypoint Parcel Information

Waypoint parcel info provides detailed information about land beneath your pin. This includes land ownership, zoning, boundaries and much more.

Quickly Search & Locate Parcel Info

Need to find a specific property? With Land id™ Pro Plans, you’re able to search by APN number, landowner name, address and more. Locate the information you need in seconds with Land id’s fast and easy search.

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Land Id

Land id™ Mobile App

Land Identity in Your Pocket

Create and share maps on the Land id™ mobile app. Take your maps on the go and access them anytime.

40+ Map Layers Nationwide

Map Layers & Basemaps

Reveal new perspectives and visualize your real estate property’s potential with Land id’s powerful basemaps and overlays.

A zoomed out map with owner labels on all the visible parcels.

Soils & Soil Reports

For farmers and ranchers, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of the capabilities of their land. Land id™ simplifies this process with a dynamic soil overlay layer and soil reports. These reports include valuable information such as soil descriptions, classes, acreage, and agricultural capabilities.

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Public Lands

With this overlay, you can easily view and access detailed information about public lands, including ownership boundaries and labels, land designations, and recreational opportunities.

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A zoomed in map image showing various labels over individual parcels.

Land Use

Get a comprehensive overview of any parcel's use with Land id™. This overlay offers an at-a-glance view of whether a property is residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, vacant, or exempt, providing you with valuable land information for informed decision-making.

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A map image, with a blue overlay, that displays owner information for individual parcels.

FEMA Floodplain, Aquifers, Water Features & Wells

Leverage the power of accurate flood hazard data for your property, pinpoint well locations, understand your principal aquifer system, and effortlessly identify water features.

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Add Visual Context to the Land

Do More with Photo Waypoints

Unleash the full potential of your waypoints with stunning visuals. Bring your location to life by adding captivating photos and enhance your experience today.

Intuitive Photo Waypoints

Elevate your real estate game with Land id's enhanced photo waypoints. Add detailed and immersive visuals that capture the essence of any location.

A composite image showing a panoramic shot of a farm superimposed over a map image with a waypoint indicating where that farm is located.

Easily Get Driving Directions to Your Waypoints

Land id™ allows you to easily obtain driving directions that take you straight to your waypoint. Say goodbye to the hassle of getting lost and hello to a seamless navigation experience.

A map image what a waypoint and path superimposed on top.

Explore Private Parcel Data & Property Boundaries

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