The All-New Land id™ Property Info Card

Land IdThe All-New Land id™ Property Info Card


By Land id

Parcel data
Feb 22, 2024

Land id™ is thrilled to announce the launch of the all-new Property Info Card. Whether you're looking for listings, analyzing market trends, or simply exploring land, our newly designed card is designed to make your real estate journey smoother and more rewarding.

We've carefully listened to your feedback and incorporated it into our design, ensuring our new Property Info Card not only stands out on your map but also offers all the essential information you need at a glance. Easily find what you need by scrolling through the card’s organized sections: Owner Information, Land Information, Parcel & Tax Information, and Building Information. We have also introduced the ability to copy and paste property information while on our mobile app!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Waypoints on the property card. Simply tap on any property and select “Add Waypoint”, to save any property for later. You can also get driving directions easily from your Land id™ app.Thanks to your feedback, we believe that this newly organized property information card will become the most valuable tool in your real estate tool-belt.

We invite you to experience the difference firsthand by signing into your Land id™ account. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback, as we continue improving Land id™ to better suit your needs.

Thank you for your continued support, Happy Mapping!

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